Electronic ignition system of Power Dynamo

The product

  • Available as a racing ignition (without dynamo) or as street version (includes 150W dynamo) available
  • Racing ignition and street version can operate without a battery
  • Ignition system is independent of the electrical system and works always
  • The product of Dynamo Power is from excellent quality.


  • 18 degrees before TDC
  • Compression ratio increased from 8.13 to 8.64


  • Cold engine starts without choke
  • Top speed increases to 300 1/min at 8400 1/min
  • More Torque and peak power

After rummaging for a while I decided for an ignition system of power dynamo.

The advantage is that it is a complete 150W dynamo with regulator and ignition that substitutes all the old staff. Ii eliminates a lot of wiring and makes the electric system trusty. The system is available as race version without dynamo and as street version with dynamo and regulator . The race ignition and the street version both can be operated without a battery because they are completely independently of the electric system. I chose the street version.

After the conversion, the engine starts at 18 degrees without the choke right away and has stable idle. The top speed with torque increases by about 300 rpm. The ignition advance timing was set for security reasons to 18 Degrees instead of 20 Degrees BTDC. With this timing, the bike was not as aggressive as before. So I increased the compression ratio from 8.13 to 8.64. The result of the action is very encouraging. The bike goes like never before. The engine is much agiler reacts spontaneously. Even with the hot engine it goes noticeably better. Driving fun is increased definitely.




Figure 1: Package Dynamo / Ignition of Power Dynamo                                   Figure 2: View on to the mounted power-dynamo dynamo                                     

Dynamic ignition timing

The digital ignition timing device VCDI-04 from Zeeltronic is compatible to the PowerDynamo ignition system. This allows programming the ignition angle vs. speed. The installation of the VCDI is easy. It is simply installed between the pickup and PowerDynamo ignition. The small box has ample space under the seat. The programming device can be connected to the VCDI without harm while engine is running. Up to 10 curves with 10 points may be programmed.

Pic: Programming device                                                             Pic: The installed VCDI-04